Joining hands with Dubai Municipality, we recently convened at Jumeirah Public Beach for our annual beach clean up to address a pressing issue: cigarette butt pollution. Despite their small size, these butts contribute significantly to plastic waste, with over 4.5 trillion discarded annually. Our team's one-hour effort yielded a remarkable 4,400 collected butts, underlining the urgent need for action. With the invaluable support of Reloop, a UAE recycling company, these discarded butts were transported to Terrax in Abu Dhabi and found new life as sustainable construction materials. This collaborative effort underscores the power of small acts in effecting meaningful change and emphasizes the critical role businesses play in environmental stewardship. 

At The Giving Movement, we're dedicated to protecting our oceans and preserving marine life for future generations. We call on fellow organizations to join us in this vital cause, recognizing that collective action is key to combating marine pollution. Let's continue to advocate for cleaner oceans and sustainable solutions, ensuring a brighter, healthier future for our planet and all its inhabitants.