In the spirit of Ramadan and our commitment to giving back to the local community, we were honored to be a part of the heartwarming success of multiple initiatives we supported:


At The Giving Movement, distributing iftar meals to workers in our community during Ramadan has become a cherished tradition. This year, in partnership with The Giving Family, TGM proudly sponsored and distributed 1,500 iftar meals. Our goal extended beyond offering a warm meal, it was a gesture of gratitude, acknowledging the unwavering dedication of these hardworking individuals.


In collaboration with The Big Heart Foundation (TBHF), TGM extended a helping hand by donating clothes to 50 children from low-income families in the UAE. These children, residing in Sharjah, are part of TBHF's initiative, The Big Heart Educational Center, which caters to approximately 270 students. The center plays a vital role in combating illiteracy among youth who have faced barriers to formal education, often due to poverty.


In a heartwarming partnership with Dubai Outlet Mall, we joined hands for a donation drive alongside the Friends of Cancer Patients. Together, we donated clothes to 14 children bravely undergoing cancer treatment. We opened our doors at the Outlet Mall store to welcome these resilient children, creating a cherished event filled with joy, laughter, music, and boundless happiness.


Teaming up with Al Jalila Foundation, we contributed four clothing items to the Iftar charity raffle at the Majlis Al Amal event. This special occasion allowed attendees to purchase tickets for a chance to win prizes generously sponsored by brands like TGM. Every ticket sold contributed to supporting cancer patients facing financial barriers in accessing medical treatment.

During Ramadan, a time of unity and compassion, we aimed to spread warmth and joy to the less fortunate in our community. The heartening emotions, appreciation, and sense of community that blossomed from this initiative were truly inspiring.