Every step makes a difference. This is exactly what Our "Buy 1 - Donate 1" campaign aimed to achieve. The campaign was officially launched in April and unfolded as a testament to the incredible impact a simple purchase could have on lives across the globe.

For every pair of slides our customers purchased, we committed to the heartfelt gesture of donating a second pair to those in need. Today, we stand in awe of the overwhelming success of this campaign, where 8,360 pairs of slides have been donated to find their way into the hearts and homes of individuals longing for comfort.

Entities we have collaborate with:

- The Sparkle Foundation in Malawi

- Birthday Bliss in the UAE

- The Giving Family in the UAE

- Little People Big Hearts in the UAE

- Emirates Red Crescent Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE

- Emirates Red Crescent Ajman in the UAE

This incredible journey began during Ramadan and wrapped up on the 28th of July, four months filled with purpose and compassion. As we reflect on the strides taken, we express our deepest gratitude to every customer, partner, and individual who made this campaign a resounding success. With every pair of slides, we've not just adorned feet but woven a tapestry of compassion that spans continents and bridges hearts.