We’re proud to partner with Harmony House and give a share of each 15 AED donation from every item sold. Here, you can learn more about their cause and see how your donations are changing lives...

Harmony House is a non-profit organization open to women and children from 6 months old, with two shelters based in Delhi, India. The shelters provide underprivileged women and children with education, nutrition, medication, hygiene facilities and social services.

“We support each child’s right to a childhood” – Lucy Bruce, Co-founder

The families and children that attend Harmony House live below the poverty line. Many are unemployed, and others live on a small income per family, which is an average of $1.90 per day. As the families live in slums close to the shelters, the living conditions are poor with limited access to clean water, crammed and unsanitised accommodation and inadequate access to medical intervention.

Harmony House makes it easier for parents, especially women, to support their families by providing loving, stimulating and nurturing surroundings for their children while they work. Women can also earn a wage by helping within the facility.

By providing children with a well-rounded education, HH helps them to develop goals to sustain an income of their own when they reach adulthood. Lessons in mathematics, science, music, social studies, art and cooking are available for children at schooling-age. Vocational classes are available for older children, including yoga, stitching and cosmetology.

The shelter also offers self-defense courses and counselling to educate girls on sexual assault or abuse. They are developing a program for women who will be able to learn new skills, see a doctor and get social and welfare advice.

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“We help nourish self-reliant individuals and build self-sustaining communities. With TGM’s help, we can continue to serve as an instrument of positive change for those who would otherwise remain disenfranchised. With this support, we can continue to fight poverty” – Harmony House

COVID-19 implications
Statement from Harmony House

Before the pandemic, life was already challenging in so many ways. Now life has become more difficult than ever. As the weeks pass, people become more and more desperate to feed their children. These communities do not fear the COVID-19 virus. They live with the reality of potentially contracting a number of highly contiguous diseases every day such as Tuberculosis, Malaria, Dengue and Polio. Their fear is hunger and starvation and they need our help to survive.

After the closure of Harmony House, we made the important decision to shift our primary focus from education to food distribution. We have become the epicentre of food collection, food purchasing and community supply. We have delivered food rations for thousands of families and also provided sanitation products to ensure that we continue to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

We need your support so that we can continue to feed our community of over 10,000 people. Donations will provide lifesaving nutrition and health care. Packages will be delivered to families on a weekly basis and we will continue to distribute after this pandemic is over to ensure that we can help our families recover from the crisis they have endured.

To learn more about Harmony House or to donate directly, you can visit their website here: https://www.harmonyhouseindia.org/.

We donate AED 15 from every garment to our chosen charities Dubai Cares & Harmony House. This has been approved the Government of Dubai – Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department under  IACAD Licence number 4054.


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