Harmony House

Based in Delhi, India, Harmony House is the non-profit organization supporting women and children who live below the poverty line. Since opening its doors in December 2009, Dubai-based husband-and-wife team Lucy Bruce and Gaurav Sinha have transformed two villas into community centers offering a safe and healthy environment surrounding hundreds of children with positivity and education.

The organization, registered in India and the UK, relies 100% on donations to provide its social services to families facing poor living conditions, unemployment, or living on a very small income of $1.90 per day. Currently caring for over 550 children of all ages, the villas provide everything from courses and libraries to medical clinics, nutrition, and stimulating game rooms.

Harmony House operates locally, ensuring that, where possible, resources are sourced from local vendors, creating economic benefits for the area. Additionally, the centers provide income to women helping around the facilities.

With your help and donations, Harmony House India has been able to expand its impact to feature the following: