The nature of our work is about altruism and purpose: caring about the environment and underprivileged communities while being inspired to do our best work. We consider The Giving Movement a platform for change, to help create a cleaner environment, push conscious consumerism, and making donations a part of our business model. To make this possible, we need a team driven by commitment, passion, and a lot of talent.

Working at TGM goes beyond just being a means to an end… it’s an environment that puts our people’s happiness first. In addition to being an opportunity to leave a positive footprint in the world, it’s also a place to explore your curiosities and uncover possibilities.

Our Changemakers

The TGM team is a team of the world. Our purpose is global, our heritage international, and our locations worldwide. We believe in creating an environment where our people can tap into their highest potential – together, we are capable of doing great things. We are constantly improving to make TGM one of the best workplaces internationally, we practice Kaizen and believe in fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. Our fundamentals are respect, diversity, and inclusivity… we grow together, and we foster the future.

At The Giving Movement, we are building an inclusive and diverse team, to reflect the unique communities and to honor every single member of the movement. We are not only here to be disruptive, but we also want to be borderless – empowering every individual to be their best, and so, together, we can serve our communities.


Our EDGE lies in the sport's team mindset: thriving in challenges, building trust, and having encouraging leadership that starts from within. It's a formula of collective drive and collaboration that leads us to shoot through shared goals and pull our own weight.


Radiant ENERGY is what binds us: positivity, self-awareness, and minimalism. Energy cannot be created or destroyed — so we convert it into a culture of support and success, which then waters productivity and performance.


ELEVATE is the final, external building block to creating an impenetrable team. It's raising one another up, celebrating team achievements, and believing in the incredible talent around you and within you. Ultimately, this gives the natural facade of TGM a shine from the inside out.

Our commitment to inclusivity

Diverse & Inclusive is the sixth pillar of our core values, ensuring that The Giving Movement grows with equality, inclusion, and dignity above all. A large part of this is our commitment to People of Determination, ensuring that there’s a balance and opportunity in our society and allowing for beautiful contributions for each and every member of our community. We pledge to have by 2025 at least 5% of the roles in our company dedicated to people with special needs.

The internship program

In addition to our intern positions designed to inspire aspiring youth, we also have dedicated internships for People of Determination. Under the principle of leaving no one behind, we know that People of Determination are an untapped resource of immense skill and talent. If you are a part of this beautiful community, we invite you to join our program and immerse yourself in our culture, business, and brand – while leveraging your skills and maximizing your learning experience. You will be working with teams consisting of passionate people, helping make a real impact on our industry and the world.


Talents of determination, please e-mail determinedstars@thegivingmovement.com

All other talents, please e-mail

TGM Perks

Shanti Day

Between a pandemic and employee appreciation, the past few years evolved the nature of working cultures. Work-life balance came to the forefront, so we introduced Shanti Day, providing one day a quarter for each employee to take a day off – just for themselves, to switch off and lay back. It’s only a small thank you for all the incredible effort that the TGM team puts in day-in and day-out, ensuring that we’re making the impact we want to see.

How we hire

If you’d like to be a part of this incredible movement, please visit our LinkedIn page linked below – where we post all our open roles and upcoming positions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for but would like to send us your CV, please e-mail us at the below e-mail with your ideal job title in the subject line:

For in-office positions: dreamjob@thegivingmovement.com

For retail positions: retailrocketship@thegivingmovement.com

1. Application

We love to see who you are, what drives your passions, and what lies behind your expertise. Once you apply, our team will go through your application, and if you’re a good match, we’ll get in touch with you very soon. If we don’t, then it may mean that your profile is more suitable for another position – always make sure that you read the job description before applying to see the details and responsibilities. 

2. Interview & assessment

The next round is the interview with the Line Manager, but don’t stress – we’re here to get to know you, to see the cultural fit, and talk about your experience. The manager will then share the assessment to be completed and submitted, then discussed and reviewed in another meeting with the manager.

3. Culture interview

If everything goes smoothly, you’ll meet a member of the People & Culture Department. This round is mainly culturally-focused to ensure that our offices create a positive and healthy environment.

4. Final decision

If you pass the last round of interviews, you’ll receive an official invite to the movement!

How to Prepare for the Interviews:
Our tips for a successful interview start with getting to know the company and matching that with your experience. How do you see us fitting with you, and you fitting with us? Make sure you read the job description thoroughly and study a little bit about The Giving Movement. This will leave you extra prepared and set you up with questions that you may have for us, the team, the structure, and more. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, afterall, you’re interviewing us just as much as we’re interviewing you!

Behind the Movement