Introducing The UAE National Day Collection

In the heart of the United Arab Emirates, where the golden sands meet the towering skyscrapers, a tale of unity, generosity, and sustainable vision unfolds.

We envisioned a commemorative capsule that not only embraces the vibrant colors of the UAE flag but also reflects a commitment to sustainability.

The UAE National Day capsule is a thread connecting hearts, weaving a narrative of heritage pride, progress and environmental consciousness that resonates far beyond the festivities, inspiring a community dedicated to giving back to the world.

The limited-edition hoodie, adorned in the colors of our flag, mirrors the essence of the UAE National Day. The design, intricately blending traditional Emirati patterns with modern aesthetics, tells a story of a nation that cherished its heritage while embracing a sustainable future. Each stitch was woven with intention, echoing the spirit of giving that lies at the core of TGM.

The narrative expands to include the representation of three Emirati talents: Amna Al Qubaisi, Maitha Al Hajeri, and Salem Alhouli. These remarkable individuals add an extra layer of inspiration to the story, embodying the spirit of unity, excellence, and passion for their respective fields. Amna’s racing spirit, Maitha’s equestrian elegance, and Salem’s padel prowess bring the vision to life, showcasing the diverse talents that make the UAE shine.